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Integrated Pest Management - Product Identification   
The list below identifies common rose problems. For each listed problem, the number of products available in this listing is specified in parenthesis. Select any box to get a listing of products suitable for that problem, together with dosages, pricing and appropriate garden size for the selected problem.

The product listing includes commercial, organic, and beneficials and is presented in groupings to identify cross resistant produts and aid in the use integrated pest management techniques.

a Aphids (1 )
k Caterpillars (9 )
l Scale (4 )
m Mites (30 )
q Japanese beetles (1 )
t Thrips (all) (20 )
b Blackspot (42 )
c Canker, Dieback, Root Rot (14 )
d Downy Mildew (25 )
j Anthracnose (17 )
p Powdery Mildew (31 )
r Rust (21 )
y Botrytis (7 )
Problems with NO PRODUCTS available to list
    uRose slugs
    wRose Rosette (witch's broom)

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