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Disease and Pest References

Recomended References     Disease and Pest References

The references listed below are provided as a resource for discovering more about rose vcare. These have been selected from reliable sources and may not all agree with conventional wisdom, or even with each other. Because of variations in soil, sunlight, very local climate conditions, and personal preferences you should select recommendations that are suitable to you.

All of these references are considered useful to read, but you can use the check-boxes below to limit the list to those references which are appropriate to one or more of the following topics:
DISEASES   includes all in this color group
  downy mildew
  powdery mildew
  virus mosaic
  rose rosette
PESTS   includes all in this color group
IDENTIFICATION   includes all in this color group
  technical content
  introductory (suitable for beginers)
MANAGEMENT   includes all in this color group
  names resistant varities
  organic (may include chemicals)
  spray/control suggestions, resistance, personal protection issues

Recommended References
Ten Bad Actors In Bradenton-Sarasota
derived from B-SRS Bulletin
Easy introduction to pests
Chili Thrip Alert
University of Florida/IFAS Extension
Many photos, links
Chilli Thrips Damage - Images ONLY
University of Florida/IFAS Extension
Roses: Insect and Mite Pests and Beneficials
Univ California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program
click on underlined pest names for more images
University of Florida
Rose Rosette
Virginia Tech
Roses and Other Flowers - Organic Management
The Green Lane Environment Canada's World Wide Web site

Disease and Pest References
downy Mildew
Oreg State Univ
Index to various Rose problems
West Virginia Univ
Good starting point
Integrated Pest Management
Univ Illinois - IPM
Managing Pests or Roses ...
Texas A&M
Multiflora rose and Rose Rosette Disease
Iowa State Univ
Organic rose Care
green harvest
Rose Rosette
IPM images
Rose Rosette
rose geeks
Rose Rosette Disease
Shenandoah rose Society
descriptive account
Rose Scale
Rose Scale
Virginia tech
Rose Virus Diseases
Kansas StateUniversity
Baldo's SactoRose Website
Baldo Sacto
Do NOT Miss this site - outstanding images
Pests in ... Roses ...
Univ Calif IPM
Rose Pests in Florida
Univ Florida IFAS
Rose Disease Diagnosis Methods
Oregon state Univ
Links to specifics - Techniques for locating problem sources
Rose Rosette
Kemper Center for Home Gardening - Missouri Botanical Garden
A Rose is a Tempting Target (Marty Orban, Connie Vierbicky)
Sarasota Herald Tribute
Black Spot of Rose
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Black Spot of Rose
Univ of Maine Pest Management Lab
Black Spot of Roses
University of Nebraska - Lincoln Extension (pdf)
Black Spot of Roses
University of Nebraska, Lincoln Extension
Blackspot of Roses
Kansas State University Exetension Service
Chili Thrip Alert
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Chilli Thrips Heating Up Central Florida Roses
ifas - Jim Small
in Bulletins
Comparative effectiveness of chemical insecticides against the chilli thrips
Science Direct -Crop Protection (abstract of proprietary article)
study on crops other than roses
Controlling Rose Diseases
Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet
Dodine management strategy
2007 New Zealand Plant Protection Society (Inc.)
Gardening Recipes
Down Garden Services
How To Control Black Spot Of Roses
Mississippi State University Extension Service
How to Prevent Black Spot Disease
The Joy of Rose Gardening
Insects and Animal Pests
The Green Lane ® Environment Canadas World Wide Web site
Microbial Insecticides
University of Florida IFAS extension
Alternatives to chemical pesticides
Maryland Rose Society Newsletter
Pest Control Arsenal - Organic Techniques
The Garden sampler
Plant Diseases: Rose Black Spot
Green Cure Fungicide (commercial)
Plant Diseases: Rose Black Spot
Green Cure Fungicide - Joe Gardener
Powdery Mildew
New Mexico State University - Cooperative Extension Service
in pdf format
Cornell University Fact Sheet
Powdery Mildew on Ornamentals
Univ California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program
Powdery Mildews
Colorado State University Extension
Powdery Mildews
Colorado State University Extension
Rose -- Black Spot
Oregon State University Extension
Rose black spot - BBC Gardening Advice
BBC - Great Britain
Down Garden Services
Rose Diseases
The Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service
Rose Diseases
University of Minnesota Extension
Rose Pests and Spraying
Dell-Chester Rose Society
Rose Rust
Manitoba Agriculture, Food & Rural Initiatives
Scirtothrips dorsalis Hood (Chili Thrips)
USDA-CSREES Integrated - National Pest Alert
symptoms, disease vectors (also as:
What Is Powdery Mildew on Roses?
Galveston County MasterGardeners

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