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Today is Nov 19 , 2017

Events Calendar
Sun Nov 26
2:30 PM
no November Meeting at Phillippi

Sun Dec 11
11:30 AM
Holiday Buffet and Installation of Officers
Home of Diane and Vinny Celeste
7061 Treymore Court

Thu Jan 19
12:00 PM
Sat Jan 21

2018 DSD Midwinter Meeting DSD Registration Form and Info

Reference Listing Of Prior Events
Event history is provided to assist members and event participants in the prepartion of their calendars for future years
Fri Jan 20
12:00 AM
Sun Jan 22
Deep South District Mid-Winter Meeting
Birmingham Botanical Gardens
2612 Lane Park Road

Birmingham AL 35223

Sun Jan 22
2:30 PM
B-SRS January Meeting and Prunathon
Hand`s On Event

Connie`s Garden

Sun Feb 26
2:30 PM
Working with County Libraries and Master Gardenters
    Phillippi Estate

Sun Mar 26
2:30 PM
Growing Old Garden Roses
and Propagating Them
Gary Patton

Sun Apr 23
2:00 PM
Bring your Rose Growing Questions and Problems
get answers from multiple CRs
    Phillippi Estate

Sat May 13
10:00 AM
B-SRS Rose Festival
Mother`s Day
    Rose arrangements for sale
Easy Rose Growing Classes
Roses on Fortuniana for sale
held at Phillippi Estate

Sun May 29
0: PM
Memorial Day is a day to say Thank You to all our veterans - past and presnt

Sun Jun 25
2:30 PM
Annual Pot Luck Summer Meeting at the home of Stacey Berteau
7629 Kapok Drive, Sarasota

Sun Sep 24
2:30 PM
Show What You Grow
Meeting will be held at Phillippi Estate

Board Members will bring and discuss their 'most productive' or 'most disease resistant' roses.
all members are invited to bring in their roses an

Sun Oct 22
2:30 PM
Planting rose bushes in pots as an alternative to in beds
Phillippi Estate

Sun Jan 10
2:30 PM
Prunathon - Hands On & Demo
Connie Vierbickys Garden

Fri Jan 15 2016

Sun Jan 17 2016

DSD 2016 MidWinter Meedting
DSD Schedule
    DSD Registration Form

Feb 21
2:30 PM
`Sharing Your Roses - Designing Arrangements`
Presented by Jim & Barbara Zimmerman

Mar 20
2:30 PM
Options for Fertilizing Roses
Phillippi Estates

Apr 24
2:30 PM
Phillippi Estate

History, Legends & Lore of Roses

May 15
2:30 PM
Phillippi Estste

Historic Roses

Jun 19
2:30 PM
Home of Stacey Berteau
Annual Pot Luck Meeting

New Roses of 2016
presented by John Hardin

Sun Sep 25
2:30 PM
Phillipi Estate
Comparisons of Rose Types

Sat Oct 22
9:00 AM
Orbans Nursery Opened for B-SRS

Sun Nov 20
2:30 PM
Ikebana Workshop
Making Arrangements with One to Three Roses
    Phillippi Estate

Sun Dec 11
11:30 AM
Annual Holiday / Luncheon Meeting
Bring a covered dish
    Held at home of Vinny & Diane Celeste
7061 Treymore Court
Sarasota Fl 34243

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