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The NEXT Member's Meeting is
Sun Mar 25
2:30 PM
Even The Dead Can Grow Roses
presented by
Joy Long

Phillippi Estate

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Unknown Pest Resembling Downy Mildew

Update 12/1/2010

Unlike the chili thrip problem which involved the identification of a known pest which “arrived” in Florida, there is no certain “name” for the new problem which may be either a mutation or introduction of a foreign pathogen. All that we can recommend is to become familiar with the symptoms. This problem develops very rapidly<

Sample of plants have been brought to the Florida Institure of Food Agricultural Sciences in Wimauma, but they were unable to identify the organism after two weeks.

We need to concentrate on the symptoms. Research has turned up reports on the web from professional growers with simialr symptoms in as varied locations as roses nurseries in Japan to a tree farm in Vancouver. One article states that anyone who does not understand the source of the problem “will continue to use ineffective remedies with no results”.

Immediately below is a list of symptoms to aid in recognition. Do not wait for all of the symptoms to act. A short list of responses follow the symptoms. We plan to update this notice as we learn more.

Photos will be added to aid you in recognizing some of the symptoms below. The symptoms have been compared to :
Responses / Remedies If you have identified the symptoms you need to act quickly. The pathogen is believed to be an oomycete , not a fungus, so most fungicides are not effective. The following have worked and there are no reports of resistance developing for any of the listed. If you have an affected plant do all of the following and repeat until the problem is resolved. Additional information is in the Deember 2010 Bulletin.
It is important to note that a critical step is to have the necessary spray material on hand before it is needed. CuPro ® can be obtained from Rosemania, Southern Ag, and is on order at Mariposa. Liquid Copper is a more expensive alternative and is available at Home Depot, Lowes.

Images (pictures) of damage.

The Chilli pepper thrip is a pest which is new to Southwest florida, believed to have arrived in the Palm Beach area in Octobert 2005. This pest attacks all plants and is a foliage feeder.
Symptoms inlude: curled leaves which then shed, fresh buds become brittle and drop off.
The chilli thrip eggs hatch after 6-8 days, the larval stage lasts 6-7 days and the pupal stages 2-3 days. Adults live up to 22 days with an average life span of 11 days. Once infestation occurs the plants need to be treated for all stages of development, and since the thrips are not specific to roses, plants near the roses also need to be treated.
Identification of the thrips is difficult. For a detailed description check the Pest Alert from THE Florida Department of Agriculture. Check "September in the Rose Garden" (in our September 2006 bulletin) for steps that have proven succesful localy in combating the thrips. As additional information becomes available it will be identified on this site.
If the Chili thrips were not enough there is also a report in "September in the Rose Garden" about red banded thrips, our newest invasive pest in Southwest Florida.

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Watch for update on Phillipi Gardens Demonstration Rose Garden

Checklist for March

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This listing is an abbreviated version of Connie's Checklist for March.
For a more details check page 3 of the March Bulletin.

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This section depends heavily upon information supplied by nurseries and mail order suppliers. Please pay attention to the effective as of dates.


Hardin's NurseryTampa partner
Hardin's Nursery Product Page
MRT Venice
MRT Venice
Orban's - Crowders BrothersCall Orban's for any rose you find on their product listing. If they are in stock they will be delivered to Crowders in 3 days.
Orban's - Crowders Brothers
Orban's - Crowders Brothers - Lakewood Ranch
Orban's - Crowders Brothers - Lakewood Ranch

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