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The Rose Gardens at Ringling Museum

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The Ringling Rose gardens are part of the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art and consist of of "Mable's Garden". In 2009 budgetary considerations resulted in the elimination of the AARS test gardens and the ARS "Award of Excellence" test gardens.

These pages provide a photographic tour of the Ringling Rose Gardens throughout its 12 month blooming season,and viewers are encouraged to visit the gardens. For visitor information on the gardens, as well as other attractions of the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art please consult The Ringling Museum web site

The small photos on this page were taken at Mable's Garden by Vincent Celeste, webmaster and volunteer at Ringling Museum. The first of these photos is at an entrance to Mable's Garden, the others are repeated in the section they identify.

Our tour has been divided into the following parts:

Sign welcoming the viewer to Mable's Garden     "Mable's Garden
"Mable Ringling cherished roses. Her rose garden was completed in 1913 before any development took place on the 66-acre Ringling estate. Once the garden was established, Sarasota felt like home to Mable and she and John built their dream home, the Cŗ díZan mansion, and the Museum of Art in Sarasota. She was also the founder and first president of the Sarasota Garden Club."     (Ringling Museum Press Release Apr 3 , 2004]

Begining with the tutelage of Ron Mallory, former curator of Mableís historic Rose Garden, and continuing with Loretta Bestpitch, current curator of the Garden, Mableís historic Rose Garden (with over 1200 roses) has received prestigious accreditations from the American Rose Society and the Award of Excellence for a Demonstration Rose Garden. Ringling has also been designated as an accredited public rose garden - one of only three in Florida.

Because the rose garden is a living system we include photos taken at different times of the year, and identified accordingly. With over 1200 bushes all that can be hoped for is to provide a sense of the gardens. We have further divided the tour of Mable's garden into a number of smaller parts to avoid excessive delays as the browser loads images:

Columns marking an edge of Mable's Garden A tour of the Entrance and periphery with views of Old Garden Roses , Shrub roses, and the original statuary and garden architectural pieces.
image of 'The Dark Lady', a David Austin Rose Views of the English (David Austin) Rose beds in Mable's garden
Image of John F Kennedy - white hybrid Tea rose Views of the Fragrant Hybrid Teas. While there are hybrid teas, including the "very fragrant", throughout Mable's garden, there is a concentration of fragrant hybrid teas near the test gardens. These are views from that section.
Image of 'candelabra' a 1999 AARS selection A Garden TourThe largest grouping is a mix of Hybrid Teas, Floribundas, and Grandifloras.
Mable's Secret Garden

There is a second, smaller garden between Mable's Rose Garden and the Ca`D'Zan mansion. While these pages are focused on roses, Mable Ringling also grew another less well known garden closer to her home, known as Mable's Secret Garden, and well worth a visit. In keeping with Mable Ringling's role in founding the Sarasota Garden Club, Mable's Secret Garden is maintained solely by volunteers from the Sarasota Garden Club,

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