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Gallery of Roses
Welcome to our exhibition. We hope that these images improve your enjoyment of roses and encourage you to grow, exhibit,arrange, and most important, enjoy them yourself.

Alphabetical Listing of Roses on this Site
This listing is provided for anyone who wants a quick reference to data on any rose data we have displayed on these pages

Favorite Roses of the Brandenton-Sarasota Rose Society
A listing (with photos) of the roses that grow exceptionally well in the Bradenton-Sarasota area and are the most popular of our members. Think of this as a "starter list" for those new to the area.

The Ringling Rose Gardens at The Ringling Museum of Art
The Ringling Rose Gardens include 'Mabel's Garden' and the AARS and AOE test gardens.
    Mabel's Garden has been designated as an accredited public rose garden (only two others exist in Florida) and provides an excellant place to visit and actually see roses as they grow, rather than in photos or in nurseries. The Mable Ringling Historic Rose Garden has received prestigious accreditations from the American Rose Society and the Award of Excellence for a Demonstration Rose Garden.
    The test gardens at the Ringling Museum are the southern-most AARS and AOE test gardens and serve as the only test gardens in Florida.

Rose of the Month
Each month a rose is selected by the society to be displayed as a "memorable" rose.

Roses of 2008
Each year new roses are released, while lack of interest takes previously released roses off the market. These pages will explore, and display, the new roses that are being offered.

All America Rose Selections (AARS)
Each year the AARS tests and selects new roses for the AARS Selections of the year. Recent selections, as well as favorite long-time selections that are still available are reviewed here (with pictures), together with links to all prior selections.

For views of roses still in the AARS test process visit the The Ringling Rose Gardens above.

American Rose Society Award of Excellence (AOE)
The ARS conducts its tests of miniature roses each year to determine a maximum of five (some years there are none) AOE winners. New or recent selections are reviewed here.

For views of roses still in the AOE test process visit the The Ringling Rose Gardens above.

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