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Notice of next meeting
Current Rose of the Month
About Roses
Growing Roses in Florida
Basic introduction and tips on growing roses in SW Florida
Rose Care References
Customizable list of links to articles on rose care.
Disease and Pest References
Customizable list of links to articles which aid in identification and treatment of rose diseases and pests
Gallery of Roses
Alphaetical Listing of Roses on This Site
On-site data and images of roses
Favorite Roses of the Bradenton-Sarasota Rose Society
Short list of roses that do well in SW Florida with links to on site data and images
The Ringling Rose Gardens at the Ringling Museum of Art
Introduction to the Ringling Rose Gardens
Link to Ringling Museum of Art
Mable's Garden
Photographic tour of Mable's Garden
locator listings of roses
AARS test gardens
Photographic tour of the AARS test gardens at the Ringling Musuem of Art
AOE test gardens
Photographic tour of the roses in the ARS Award of Excelence (AOE) test gardens.
The New Roses
Quick overview of the notable roses that were recently introduced
The Rose of the Month
Listing, data, and images of current and previous B-SRS 'rose of the month' selections
AARS Selections
Listing, data, and images of the newest AARS selections as well as those older selections that have flourished in SW Florida
AOE Selections
Listing, data, and images of the newest Award of Excellence selections as well as older selection that have done well in SW Florida gardens
Hot Topics - Alerts
Notices of new B-SRS events, or changes in schedules.
Alerts on new of persistent rose problems in our area
Status reports on stock at local nurseries
Our Community
Events Calendar
Calendar of upcoming events, local, regional, and national.
History of the last year's listing of events
Membership Information
Information about membership and membership benefits
Membership form that can be filled out on-line and printed for mailing.
About Us
Short description of B-SRS, listing of Board members and Committee Chairs.
Our Bulletin
Listing of topics that have appeared in the B-SRS Bulletin.
Full access to all the Bulletin contents is limited to members [see Members Menu below]
Ask A CR
Listing of our consulting rosarians, some questions (and answers), CR contact link.
Our Rose Show
To do list for presenters ** links
Presentation on exhibiting
Rose Show Schedule of Events
2008 Rose Show Results
2008 Rose Show photos
2007 Rose Show Results
2007 Rose Show photos
Useful Links
Customizable listing of notable local and mail order suppliers of
Roses (large modern, miniatures, antiques, OGR)
Fertilizer and Supplements,
Pesticides, Personal Protection products,
Irrigation products
ARS &DSD Events
Notices, contacts, and any available additional links relating to forthcoming ARS and DSD events
Local Societies and Affiliates
Contact information for local, regional, national and international Rose Societies
Books and Reference Sites
Listing and links of sites and publications we have found useful
Our Site
Contact Us
Listing and links of B-SRS contacts organized by purpose.
Our Policies
B-SRS policies :
on personal privacy of web visitors and members
Copyright material
Site Map
This page
What's New
Listing of recent changes to this website or The Bulletin
Listing of new features to watch for
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Member's Menu
Items restricted to the use of members, including:
Complete copies (in color) of Our Bulletins in Acrobat (pdf) or web format
Full text search of back issues of Our Bulletin
Member Listing
Member personal preference of their listing
Discount policies and special offers to members
Enter/Edit Experience Ratings of your roses
Full Review of member's rose ratings
AOE Evaluations
These pages are limited to Award of Excellence reviewers and are offered for the use of the ARS AOE test program.

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