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The following is a list of roses that grow exceptionally well In the Bradenton-Sarasota area. They are listed by type of rose, in alphabetical order - not - the preferred selection order. Their ARS color classifications are shown with a fuller description in parentheses. Click on the rose name to view a picture and BSRS Rose Information Sheet.

This is by NO MEANS a comprehensive list but rather a starter list for those new to the area. Join us at our meetings, contact us, or contact a B-SRS Consulting Rosarian for questions about these roses, or for any additional rose questions.

Our thanks to Connie Vierbicky, Master consulting Rosarian, for her work developing, and then recently revising this listing to bring it up to date

Use the links just below to jump to favorites in a clasification of your interest

Hybrid Teas & Grandifloras     Floribundas     Miniatures     Minifloras     Old Garden Roses     Very Fragrant Roses     Roses That Grow as Climbers in SW Florida     English Roses    

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Hybrid Teas & Grandifloras
Big Time dr (dark red)
Black Magic dr (dark red)
Brooks Red mr (medium red)
Crystalline w (white, near white & wh
Dainty Bess lp (light pink)
Double Delight rb (red blend)
Elina ly (light yellow)
Elizabeth Taylor dp (dark pink)
First Prize pb (pink blend)
Gemini pb (pink blend)
Gold Medal dy (deep yellow)
Hot Princess dp (dark pink)
Just Joey or (orange & orange blend
Let Freedom Ring mr (medium red)
Louise Estes pb (pink blend)
Marilyn Monroe ab (apricot & apricot ble
Moonstone w (white, near white & wh
Olympiad mr (medium red)
Perfectly Red dr (dark red)
Perfect Moment rb (red blend)
Pristine w (white, near white & wh
Rina Hugo dp (dark pink)
Spring Break dp (dark pink)
St. Patrick ly (light yellow)
Touch of Class op (orange-pink & orange-
Tournament of Roses pb (pink blend)
Uncle Joe dr (dark red)
Veteran's Honor dr (dark red)
Floribundas back to top  
Angel Face m (mauve)
Apricot Nectar ab (apricot & apricot ble
Bridal white w (white, near white & wh
Charlotte Anne m (mauve)
Europeana dr (dark red)
Hannah Gordon pb (pink blend)
Hot Cocoa or (orange-red & orange-r
Iceberg w (white, near white & wh
Ivory Fashion w (white, near white & wh
Lady of the Dawn lp (light pink)
Lavaglut dr (dark red)
Miss Ada lp (light pink)
Our Lady of Guadalupe pb (pink blend)
Pink Revelation lp (light pink)
Pinnacle rb (red blend)
Playgirl mp (medium pink )
Rob Roy dr (dark red)
Scentimental rb (red blend)
September Mourn White
Sexy Rexy mp (medium pink )
Sheila's Perfume yb (yellow blend)
Summer Snow w (white, near white & wh
Sunsprite dy (deep yellow)
Sun Flare my (medium yellow)
Miniatures back to top  
Arcanum ab (apricot & apricot ble
Bee's Knees yb (yellow blend)
Best of 04 yb (yellow blend)
Breath of Spring my (medium yellow)
Chattooga dp (dark pink)
Doris Morgan dp (dark pink)
Erin Alonso my (medium yellow)
Fairhope ly (light yellow)
Figurine pb (pink blend)
Glowing Amber rb (red blend)
Gourmet Popcorn w (white, near white & wh
Hilde rb (red blend)
Hot Tamale yb (yellow blend)
Incognito m (mauve)
Jean Kenneally ab (apricot & apricot ble
Jennifer pb (pink blend)
Josh Alonso op (orange-pink & orange-
Joy pb (pink blend)
Kristin rb (red blend)
Marie Jeannette yb (yellow blend)
Merlot rb (red blend)
Miss Flippins mr (medium red)
Montrose mp (medium pink )
Nancy Jean ab (apricot & apricot ble
Old Glory mr (medium red)
Peggy T mr (medium red)
Pierrine op (orange-pink & orange-
Soroptimist International pb (pink blend)
Sweet Chariot m (mauve)
Ty dy (deep yellow)
Minifloras back to top  
Abby's Angel dy (deep yellow)
Ambiance ab (apricot & apricot ble
Butter Cream my (medium yellow)
Cachet w (white, near white & wh
Camden rb (red blend)
Charismatic rb (red blend)
Conundrum yb (yellow blend)
Dr. John Dickman m (mauve)
Dr. Troy Garret mr (medium red)
Fitzhugh's Diamond yb (yellow blend)
Foolish Pleasure pb (pink blend)
Jerry Lynn ab (apricot & apricot ble
Leading Lady w (white, near white & wh
Louisville Lady dp (dark pink)
Memphis King dr (dark red)
Power Point mr (medium red)
Robin Alonso dr (dark red)
Shenandoah dr (dark red)
Show Stopper ab (apricot & apricot ble
Solar Flair yb (yellow blend)
Tiffany Lynn pb (pink blend)
Unbridled yb (yellow blend)
Whirlaway w (white, near white & wh
Old Garden Roses back to top  
Baronne Prevost mp (medium pink )
Blush Noisette w (white, near white & wh
Capitaine Dyel de Gravill pb (pink blend)
Celine Forestier ly (light yellow)
Duchesse de Brabant lp (light pink)
Eugene Marlitt mr (medium red)
Francis Dubreuil dr (dark red)
Kronprincessin Viktoria w (white, near white & wh
Louis Philippe rb (red blend)
Marchesa Boccella lp (light pink)
Mrs. B. R. Cant mp (medium pink )
Nastarana w (white, near white & wh
Old Blush mp (medium pink )
Paul Neyron mp (medium pink )
Pink Pet mp (medium pink )
Rose de Rescht dp (dark pink)
Souvenir de la Malmaison lp (light pink)
The Green Rose w (white, near white & wh
Very Fragrant Roses back to top  
Chrysler Imperial dr (dark red)
Crimson Glory dr (dark red)
Dolly Parton or (orange & orange blend
Firefighter dr (dark red)
Fragrant Cloud or (orange-red & orange-r
Fragrant Plum m (mauve)
Granada rb (red blend)
Lemon Spice ly (light yellow)
Melody Parfumee m (mauve)
Memorial Day mp (medium pink )
Mr. Lincoln dr (dark red)
Perfume Delight mp (medium pink )
Pope John Paul II w (white, near white & wh
Secret pb (pink blend)
Tiffany pb (pink blend)
Roses That Grow as Climbers in SW Florida back to top  
Altissimo mr (medium red)
America op (orange-pink & orange-
Clair Matin mp (medium pink )
Don Juan dr (dark red)
Dortmund mr (medium red)
Fourth of July rb (red blend)
Jeanne Lajoie mp (medium pink )
Pink Perpetue mp (medium pink )
Prosperity w (white, near white & wh
Rosarium Uetersen dp (dark pink)
Sea Foam w (white, near white & wh
Sombreuil w (white, near white & wh
English Roses back to top  
Abraham Darby ab (apricot & apricot ble
Ambridge Rose ab (apricot & apricot ble
Belle Story lp (light pink)
Carding Mill ab (apricot & apricot ble
Darcey Bussell r (russet)
English Garden ab (apricot & apricot ble
Fair Bianca w (white, near white & wh
Happy Child my (medium yellow)
Harlow Carr mp (medium pink )
Jude the Obscure my (medium yellow)
Lady of Megginch dp (dark pink)
L.D. Braithwaite dr (dark red)
Scepter'd Isle lp (light pink)
Tamora ab (apricot & apricot ble
The Dark Lady dr (dark red)
The Prince dr (dark red)
The Squire mr (medium red)

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Some Classes of Roses

There are many different classes of roses. Listed here are just a few of the more popular.

HYBRID TEAS - The modern classic rose. Bushes average between three to five feet tall. Hybrid teas produce single blooms on long stems but may form sprays if side flower buds are allowed to grow. The number of petals varies from the 'single' with only five in a single layer to doubles with from fifteen to asmany as sixty petals. The hybrid tea class is the one most commonly used in cut arrangements for the home or for rose shows

GRANDIFLORA - This class of roses is similar to the hybrid tea but generally grows taller and has two or more blooms on a long stem. The- blooms may be smaller than those of the hybrid tea but form sprays with up to six or seven blooms on a stem.

FLORIBUNDA - Most often used in landscaping and for garden display. The bush itself usually remains low and wide and has prolific clusters of medium or small sized flowers.

POLYANTHA - These noses are excellent for bedding and hedges. They bear small clusters of flowers, sometimes so thick that they may hide the foliage. Crossing polyantha with hybrid tea classifcations produced the floribunda classification.

CLIMBERS - Most climbers are sports of hybrid tea roses, although there are some miniature climbing roses. Such roses do not climb with tendril like vines, but grow canes from 6 to 8 feet long which may be tied too trellises, arbors, along fences or around pillars. When tied horizontally along fences they tend to bloom along the cane as well as the top.

MINIATURES - Small bushes with very small leaves and blooms. They are mostly grown their own roots from cuttings. Minis may be used as edging for a large rose garden.

OLD GARDEN ROSES - These are the ancestors of all the other classifications we have described. Some varieties date back to at least 200 BC! They are distinctive and garden-worthy plants.

ENGLISH ROSES - This is a comparatively new group of roses, usually associated with David Austin, who bred and introduced them in the 1970ís. These roses originated from crosses made between certain Old Garden Roses, Modern Hybrid Teas and Floribundas. English Roses combine the delicate charm and fragrance of an Old Rose, with the wide color range and long flowering season of a Modern Rose. These roses are typically (but not always) bushy in growth, with flowers that are cup-shaped or in the shape of a rosette.

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